The rules of the Jan Kochanowski Municipal and Communal Public Library in Zwoleń


  1. The library can be used by all the citizens.
  2. Using the library is free-of-charge.
  3. While subscribing a new member should:
    1. show their ID,
    2. fill in the registration form and sign the library rules.
  4. The responsibility of an underage reader is taken by their parents or legal guardians.
  5. The reader is obliged to inform the library in case of changing their place of residence, place of work or their school.
  6. The reader cannot use the library in case and at the time there is a contagious disease at their place of residence.
  7. The reader must not smoke in the library.


  1. The reader is to leave a deposit in case of:
    1. not being a permanent inhabitant of the Zwoleń County (a flat-rate deposit of 50 zl.)
    2. borrowing very valuable volumes (the deposit of the book is to be at least equal to the value of the book).
  2. The reader who wishes to take out their deposit, at the same time resigning from using the library, is to inform the library at least three days before the day of withdrawal.
  3. After a year of notusing the library, the deposit, which is not collected, is transferred into the assets of the library budget.


  1. The reader is allowed to borrow 4 volumes at the same time.
  2. The books in the section of fiction can be borrowed for up to 30 days. Science literature and popular science literature can be borrowed for up to 60 days.
  3. The library can extend the return deadline of a borrowed book, if there is no demand for it from other readers.
  4. The library can demand from a reader to return a book before the fixed deadline in the Act No. 2 and 3, if there is a great demand for it.
  5. On the request of a reader, the library can reserve an already taken book.
  6. In case of unavailability of a book, the reader can receive the information in which of the nearest libraries the required book can be found. On the request of the reader, if it is possible, the library can order a book from other libraries.
  7. The books in the reference library can be read only on the premises.
  8. Children up to the age of 15 are allowed to borrow books for adult readers upon their consent.
  9. The chosen/selected books in the library are registered by the librarian and returned to him post reading.


  1. The library, on the request of the reader, gives information on books, helps in choosing the literature and using the catalogues, informational publications etc.


  1. The reader is obliged to value the books which are common property and pay attention to their condition before borrowing them. If any damage is noticed, the reader is to report it.
  2. The reader takes responsibility for losing, damaging or destroying a book. The damage is determined by the library manager and the penalty is based on caused damage and the current value of the book. The reader receives a receipt for the costs of losing or damaging a book. The reader, with the consent of the library manager, can provide the library with a different book of at least equal value as the previous one


  1. For not keeping the return deadline specified in the Act No. 2 and 4 of § 3, the user is charged 0.15 zł for each volume at the beginning of every week after the missed deadline. The library charges 4 zl for sending a reminder.
  2. The reader to whom the library sends the reminder is charged with the costs of sending it.
  3. If the reader, despite the sent reminders, refuses to return the book or to pay the owned money, the library will take legal action against them.
  4. The library is allowed to reveal the names of the users who evade returning the books to the public information.


  1. The readers can write proposals and complaints in the Book of Proposals and Complaints.


  1. If a reader does not abide by the rules of our library, they can be temporarily, and in more serious cases permanently, deprived of the right to use the library. The decision in this matter is made by the manager of the library and the reader has a right to appeal to the Mayor of Zwoleń.


  1. These regulations were approved by the Mayor of the City of Zwoleń.


Rules of the Reading Room of the Jan Kochanowski Municipal Public Library in Zwoleń

§ 1.

  1. The reading room may be used by any citizen, regardless of being the library’s regular reader or not.
  2. Using the library is free of charge.
  3. Coats, briefcases or bags shall be left on the rack.
  4. The reader is obliged to sign in to the notebook of presence.
  5. In the reading room, one takes his or her place according to the instructions of the librarian.
  6. Smoking and eating is prohibited in the reading room. All readers must remain silent.
  7. A reader cannot attend the reading room in case and during the period when anyone at his or her household suffers from a contagious disease.


  1. The reference library may be used in the reading room.
  2. If a reader brings his own books to the library, he shall report it to the librarian on duty.
  3. The reader shall use the reference library and current magazines with the assistance of the librarian.
  4. Any books or annual magazines from outside of the reference library shall be ordered through the duty librarian.
  5. If a reader plans to use a book delivered out of the reference library the following days, the librarian may keep it in the reading room for two days for the reader’s disposal. Books that are frequently used by readers may not be withheld.
  6. The reader may not request for a reservation of a book that at the moment is used by someone else.
  7. Books cannot be taken away from the reading room.
  8. Before leaving the reading room, the reader returns the books to the librarian.
  9. Books from the reference library are not lent for use at home.
  10. If a reader needs a book that is not available in the library, the library shall inform the reader in which of the libraries in the district the searched book is located . Upon the reader’s request, the library may order books from other libraries if the reader may not use these libraries himself. From the books ordered from other libraries the reader makes use only on the premises of the library.


  1. The library provides information concerning the possessed collections, the selection of literature on topics that interest readers, the procedure of using the catalogues, brochures and other materials in the library.


  1. To copy drawings, schemes, plans, maps etc., the reader shall get a permission of the librarian.

§ 5.

  1. The reader is obliged to respect the books being a part of the public property. Using figures, maps etc. requires special attention, so as not to expose them to damage.
  2. For damaged books, the reader pays a compensation, the amount of which is determined by the manager of the library, accordingly to the degree of damage. For the paid sum, the reader receives a receipt.


  1. The reader may write his complaints and requests in the book of complaints and requests.


  1. A reader that does not follow these regulations may be temporarily, and in specifically extreme cases permanently, deprived of the right to use the lending room. In this case, the director (manager) of the library makes such decisions. The reader has the right to appeal to the Mayor of the City of Zwoleń.


  1. These regulations were approved by the Mayor of the City of Zwoleń.
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