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The history of the Municipal Public Library in Przyłęk

The District Library in Przyłęk was established in 1956. It included in its activities the libraries in Kulczyn, Przyłęk, Krzywda and Okrężnica. The library in Lipiny was closed due to an opening of a district library nearby. The collection of books that the closed library disposed of was passed on to the libraries in the District National Council in Zwoleń. Altogether, 527 volumes were passed on. In the area of the library’s activity there existed four readers’ groups: in Załazy, Wólka Zamojska, Łagów and Babin. There were also two neighbouring libraries organised by the District Library. It was a means to promote readership, which meant that the more active reader living far from a library took several books with a written confirmation and lend it to his neighbours. It was social work.
Until 1957 libraries were stocked by a central purchasing from the Ministry of Culture and Art and the Department of Culture in Kielce, and later on the purchasing was made by the Library in Zwoleń. The library’s goal was to gather a collection of books, elaborating, storing, lending and promoting readership among the rural population. In 1959, in the present municipality of Przyłęk three district libraries functioned: in Grabów, Przyłęk and Babin. The District Library in Babin included in its activities libraries in Stefanów, Wysocin and Mierziączka. In November 1959, the duties of the manager after Adela Zdankiewicz were taken over by Genowefa Zasada.
In 1960 , in the area of activity of the District Library in Przyłęk functioned two Farming Groups, one Rural Youth Union, one association of farmer’s wives’ in Łaguszów and one Volunteer Fire Department(OSP). The most successful is the cooperation with the Farming Groups, there were attempts to spread among farmers the knowledge about cultivation and animal breeding. In September 1962, Stanisława Wólczańska took over the function of the library’s manager. In February 1964, Zofia Michalik became the manager of the library. From 1966 to 1972 the managers of the District Library in Przyłęk were respectively: Janina Knieć (1966-1968), Regina Raczkowska (family Baryłka) (1968-1971), Elżbieta Raczkowska (1971-1972) , Henryk Bocian (1972-1973). In 1973 Władysław Bienias became the manager of the District Library in Przyłęk and he continued his work until 1981.
The District Library in Babin was closed in 1964 and all its equipment was given to Łagów. The District Library in Przyłęk and the District Library in Grabów together with its library points functioned unchangeably until 1972, when due to the new administrative divisions of the country, the municipalities were created. The district libraries were now called municipal, having its seat in Lipiny and four library branches in Łagów, Grabów, Rudki and Ławeczko. The library points were situated in 21 cities: Babin, Krzywda, Wysocin, Kulczyn, Przyłęk, Luciamia, Grabów JUNG, Mierziączka, Załazy, Wólka Zamojska, Wólka Łagowska, Łagów, Łaguszów, Ignaców, Mszadla Stara, Ławeczko Stare, Baryczka, Andrzejów, Mszadla Nowa and Szlachecki Las. The premises of the library, the library branches and points were located in private households and they were usually places with one room, cramped and thus not well equipped. The library in Przyłęk until 1979 was situated is one small room rented by Stanisław Kijanka. At the beginning of April, the library relocated to two rooms rented by Ryszard Michalczyk. Thanks to it, the conditions in which the
library was situated got a little better. On March the 3rd 1981, the current manager of the library, Władysław Bienias, died.
Since 21/04/1984, the Municipal Library in Przyłęk thanks to the efforts of the municipality’s governor, Jan Choroś, relocated from the room rented by Ryszard Michalczyk to a newly renovated and adapted accommodation after a fabric store. There were three library rooms of total surface of 110 m2. In 1984, the collection of books of the library counted about 10 thousand volumes, divided into literature for children and adolescents, Polish and foreign literature and a reference library (dictionaries, encyclopaedias, lexicons etc.)
The amelioration of conditions and the development of the library’s activity resulted in opening of a reading room in the Municipal Library in Przyłęk. Thereupon, a second vacancy was granted in the library, and since 01/06/1984 Bożena Żaczkiewicz became the manager of the library, who after the leave of Marianna Majewska in 1990 became the manager of the Municipal Public Library in Przyłęk. In 1990, in the municipality of Przyłęk functioned a Municipal Public Library in Przyłęk and four library branches in Grabów, Łagów, Ławeczko and Rudki. At the turn of 1990/1991, when Mirosława Rutkowska took over the function of the mayor of the municipality, two library branches were liquidated, in Ławeczko and in Rudki. The collection of books of this library was given to other library institutions, primary schools. Part of the collection, that the educational and cultural institutions couldn’t take over, were put on sale.
The Municipal Public Library under the direction of Bożena Żaczkiewicz worked continuously until April of 1996. Due to the manager’s illness, the Library was closed for almost a year. It was not until the April 1997 that Teresa Woźniak took over the manager’s post on a half-time basis. The lending room and the reading room were open three days a week. In autumn 1999, after a delivery-acceptance inventory, Monika Prześniak took over the librarian’s post in the Municipal Public Library in Przyłęk.
In 2000, due to the poor conditions (lack of heating, a leaking roof etc.), the Municipal Public Library was relocated to a place in the Municipal Office in Przyłęk, in which a conference room had been situation previously, and it is still there until today.
At the end of 2006, Natalia Przepiórka retired, the junior librarian in the branch of the Municipal Public Library in Grabów nad Wisłą, and her responsibilities were taken over by Joanna Kałużyńska. In July 2007, after 25 years of work as a junior librarian, Halina Urbanek retired, her responsibilities of the junior librarian in the branch in Łagów were taken over by Renata Szczepanek.
Thanks to the Sycyna Educational Association and the “Ikonka” Programme, the readers of the Municipal Public Library in Przyłęk can use four computer stations with connection to the Internet. In the library branches, the readers may also use computers and the Internet.
In the Przyłęk municipality, there functions a Municipal Public Library in Przyłęk and two library branches: in Grabów nad Wisłą and in Łagów. The branch in Grabów is located in a wooden building belonging to the parish in Ługi and it is made available for the purposes of the library free of charge. The branch in Łagów is located in the building of the Volunteer Fire Department in Łagów.
The Municipal Public Library in Przyłęk is open from Monday to Thursday from 8.30 to 18.00 and on Friday from 8.30 to 16.30. The library is used by the inhabitants of the municipality of Przyłęk (there are currently about 7000 citizens). It is used also by students from the neighbouring municipalities and tourists during the holidays. In the last couple of years, a slight but regular increase in the number of readers in our municipality has been observed. Most of our readers are young people, learners of primary schools, high schools and students from universities. The second most numerous group are middle-aged readers, usually studying extramurally.
The most numerous group of readers are aged up to 15, thus the section for children and adolescents are most frequently used. Children seek there obligatory readings and publishing novelties, that draw their attention to colourful illustrations and interesting graphics. That’s why, every year all the efforts are made to enlarge and enrich the collection of books for this group of readers. Students from primary and middle schools seek for materials necessary for them to write academic papers. Sometimes books from the reading room are the sole sources of information.
Adult readers are most eager to borrow publishing novelties and are less eager to borrow the collections from previous years. Only after a clear suggestion of a library worker that this position is attractive and worth of interest, will they decide to borrow the book.
The Municipal Public Library is still trying to enrich its collection with non-fiction literature, destined for students.
All the libraries organise events related to the popularisation of readership:-displays of books of authors, with whose lives are connected to any anniversaries in a given month (according to the calendar in the Informative and Methodical Bulletin),-displays of books connected to anniversaries of events in the given month
(e.g. the outbreak of the Second World War),-editing monthly magazines according to the plan of the library’s work,-rewarding the most active readers at the end of the year (the awards are granted during academies on the last day of school),-help for readers in searching for materials and in editing texts,- reading fairy tales out loud to children during the summer. Actions undertaken by the library since its creation in the municipality aimed to popularise readership, encourage self-education and raise the everyday culture of the society.


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