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Dyrektor : Barbara Bronisz

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Libraries in the Kazanów Municipality

The Municipal Public Library in Kazanów, before called The District Library, with its activities dates back to the year 1946. The seat of the Library is in Kaczanów, a municipal city located in the Masovian Voivodeship and the district of Zwoleń. The total surface of the municipality is 9476 hectares and the area is typically agricultural. In the municipality of Kazanów function: four Public Primary Schools, a Public Middle School in Kazanów, a Public Kindergarten in Kazanów, a Medical Center, a pharmacy, a Peasants' Self-Help Cooperative (GS), a Cooperative Bank in Iłża with its branch in Kazanów, a Cooperative Bank in Zwoleń with its branch in Kazanów, a post office, a police station, an animal clinic. There are also two libraries: the Municipal Library in Kazanów and its branch in Kowalków. After many relocations and changes, the conditions of the libraries continue to undergo constant changes.

Currently, the libraries are located in state-owned buildings.

The libraries work on the basis of the Statute of a Municipal Cultural Institution, granted by the Council of the Municipality of Kazanów on 26/11/2004 and entered into the Register of Cultural Institutions under number 1 on the 15th of December 2004.

After Mrs Alicja Szczepanowska retired in 1992, her duties as a worker of the Library were totally passed over to Barbara Bronisz, who works there until present day.

Totally, according to the entry in the inventory ledgers, the Library in Kazanów owns 20 000 volumes available for every reader. In 2004, the institution benefited from the state programme “Grunt”, thanks to which it received resources for buying new bookcases and electronic equipment, which are:

  • Computers
  • Printers
  • Fax
  • Copy machines

The library has an internet connection, thanks to which school children and readers may use free Internet. It’s implemented as part of the „Ikonka” programme, an initiative of the Ministry of Computerization and Science. Thanks to it, in 2006 the Municipal Library in Kazanów and its branch in Kowalków received 6 computers (3 for each of them).

Thanks to the financial funds from the Local Council as well as donations from the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, new reading positions are bought on regular basis.

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