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Municipal Public Library in Tczów and a Library Branch in Bartodzieje.

The name Tczów comes from the Polish word “tczy” or “czczy”, that means an empty or in other words desolated place. Priest Jan Wiśniewski writes : “Tczów, a very old village, in the past located among woods, a property from the beginning of the ruling. In the ancient documents its name was written “Trossow”, and “Tressow” in Jan Długosz’s Liber Beneficiorum. It was a parish church of the royal foundation dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. From his earnings- from tithe- in 1189 in part had the remuneration granted the prelate, the curator of the collegiate church in Sandomierz.” It bears witness that the Tczów parish already existed in the XII century.

Initially, Tczów was a royal village, the king Władysław Jagiełło then incorporated it to the Starosty of Zwoleń. In Tczów concentrated the equivalents of the contemporary authorities. The areas belonging to the former Tczów municipality were in the heart of the Radomka Forest, that then belonged to the Masovian Voivodeship. The bellowing of the forest lasted continuously.

In the XII century already existed Brzezinki Stare, belonging to the parish in Tczów and constituting the property of the king. This village, similarly to Tczów, paid tithe to the collegiate church in Sandomierz.

The library in Tczów was founded on 15/09/1947 as a District Public Library in Tczów and continued its activities until the end of 1972. Due to an administrative reorganisation, from the moment of the creation of municipalities (01.01.1973), it functions as a Municipal Public Library in Tczów and essentially is subject to the District Public Library in Zwoleń. After numerous relocations, thanks to the efforts of the local council authorities, it is placed in a renovated space in the Municipal Office in the centre of Tczów and its total floor area is 95 m2. Only one person in the library is employed on a full-time basis, has a secondary librarian education and started working in the library on the 1st of September 1982. Currently, an unemployed worker on the post of a documentarian helps in entering books to the librarian programme MAK.

The library branch in Brzezinki Stare was founded on the 24th of April 1965 as a Public District Library in Brzezinki Stare, due to an administrative reorganisation. Since the beginning of 1973 it has been a Library Branch.

The library in Brzezinki Stare is essentially subject to the District Public Library in Tczów. As many others after many relocations, it is situated in a private, separate brick building of total floor surface of 38 m2. Since 1977, one person is employed on a ¾ time basis and has a basic education.

The most important role of the libraries is the popularisation of readership and books in our society by different forms of cooperation with readers; educational, cultural and pedagogic work with an aim to raise cultural and personal awareness in our area; training the habit of reading and searching for interesting information; giving information and helping readers in searching for news or using the Internet; giving library classes and talks; popularising state and literary anniversaries; taking part in competitions; cooperation with other libraries and schools.

A very important aspect of libraries is the adaptation of the reference libraries to needs of all the inhabitants of the municipality from children, adolescents, students to seniors. The libraries own book catalogues: alphabetical i.e. according to authors, and subject according to themes and the municipal library runs a central agricultural one and a title one for children and adolescents. The catalogues are completed with novelties on regular basis. Every year the libraries buy books for
the amount of 14000-15000 PLN. This year, the local government destined 7700 PLN for books and from the operational programme “Promoting readership/ Expanding the collection of libraries’” the libraries received 6500 PLN. In the municipal library there are 14723 volumes and in the library branch, 7498.

Currently, the Municipal Library is finishing entering books in the computer programme MAK and in the near future its database will be shared with readers. In the library branch, computerisation is not yet in plans.

The Municipal Library has a separate computer room with 3 computers from the “Ikonka” programme with Internet connection, available for the readers. Using the computers is free of charge.

Opening hours:

Monday - Friday 8:00 – 16.15

Monday - Friday 9:00- 17:00

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